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LN14 Bluebottles



The bluebottles are the flies we love hate, aren’t they?
But look at them, they are gorgeous. What a design, what colour and what an important role they play in the health of the planet as well as our own. Their larvae clean up after us and we’d be living in a much filthier world if they weren’t here.
So big up the bluebottles.

These were created by needle felting wool onto very old quilt scraps to give them their 3D quality. I then I worked over and into it using freeform hand stitching using vintage threads.
The size of the flies are approximately 25mm long, and mounted and framed in an off white box frame 335mm square.

The exhibition runs from 19th September to 24th October. The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm, then 2pm to 5pm.
Works purchased from the exhibition can be collected after 24th October and if you would like it posted out to you, please get in touch to discuss options.