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GM123 Lapis and turquoise half chain bracelet



Lapis and turquoise half chain bracelet measuring 18.5cm.

My designs are inspired by the movement of the sea and the textures and colours I can see on the surface, echoed by the different hammered effects on the silver, and enhanced by the pearls and semi precious stones. The colours I choose are reflective of orange and purple Autumn sunsets, summery greens and blues and wintery stormy greys. More recently I’ve been using lots of overlapping circles to represent the movement of big crashing waves. Most of my designs are bold but simple and most importantly they are comfortable to wear, made up from an assortment of circles and other geometric shapes. I find it very therapeutic to watch the sea, if I’m having a tough day or have too much going on in my head just 10 minutes of wave watching helps me refocus. The photos below are just a few of my favourites, all taken on my phone camera with no filter. It never fails to amaze me how the colour and ‘texture’ of the sea is constantly changing.